My inspiration for the work came from playground bark chips and the process of decomposition expedited by human intervention such as within the parklands. When I arrived at the connection between the feeling of walking on bark chips barefoot and the idea of stepping on glass, I was sure I had arrived at my central concept. 
Through experimenting with the materials I arrived at a functional design over my originally proposed ‘bark chip pit’. My pitcher design also evolved from a tall sleek cylinder that would mimic the profile of the wood chip, to a decanter shape, which would be more forgiving of my current skill level. My cold working skills have additionally been honed to create a lifelike finish on the handle using almost all machines throughout production, both pre and post hot fusing the handle to the vessel. The clean lines between the sandblasted surface and the preserved natural lens on the handle ensure that ‘is’ the focal point of the work, in all giving the piece modern but welcoming aesthetic.
My presentation alongside my matching tumbler, allows the viewer to interact with the work. When utilising the glassware my hope is for the user to notices how the handle acts as a perfect vantage point, where pouring requires little effort, and that it pours cleanly.
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