Original Concept
Ceramic Casts With Rope
*Look at Folio of Development for Progress*
I have recently taken a keen interest in the nurturing of male vulnerability. Through the use of ceramic casts of masculine figures, I will exhibit these body parts showing the gentle form that will be adorned with traditional Shibori Knotting, creating a metaphor for manhood. A strong physical presence that many can feel confined to whilst not addressing the delicate intricate nature within us all, potentially, resulting in violent destruction or a failure to thrive. 
The Shibari knot tying is what I'm finding hardest to convey clearly. I want the work to not appear to read as the submissive erotic culture typical of western kink but instead sensual exchange of Kinbaku, where the key defining characteristics are a building of a relationship, customising the knots to best suit the model, in form and desire, and the final emphasis being on the beauty of the knots.
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