As part of my final semester it is important that I am thinking of future opportunities for next semester and the future. It is my belief that as this section of my website is dedicated to my folio of development that this discussion has an essential place here.
My current goal is to be selected for the Jam factory associateship program for my next stage of development. I like the development of artists' practices that I have seen go through this program so I would like to have this same trajectory myself. I would like to further my knowledge in mold making and glaze pairings. 
External to my ceramics I am continuing to develop my circus skills with dynamic acrobatics, corde lisse and act development. I am still pursuing a connection between circus and high arts. I believe that this is my future direction and would like to start bridging these two passions in my next stage of artistic institutional development.
I am interested in completing a residency at various international establishments provided the restrictions ease up. The places I am interested in are; Faenza Art Ceramic Center where they have a bustling ceramics culture, hosting workshops and masterclasses that are of great interest to me. Greenwich House offers a cool residency in NYC which will the massive ceramics culture of the city would be amazing to work at. They also have a number of circus residencies in NY too.

I think it would also be of benefit to acknowledge the exhibition that I have been organising co currently to this semester's body of work.
I decided to enter an exhibition for SALA, this was to provide a buffer between uni and being a practicing artist. I have applied for grants, awards and needed to logistically plan many tasks in the lead up to this opportunity. 
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