At the end of march I would be told I had to leave my university exchange where it was and not collect my tools or even have the chance to complete my first stone carving in Spain. I would be back in Australia resuming study here, like waking from a long slumber where none of the months of preparation and the relationships built dissipated within three days.
After finishing my quarantine and then further spending months not able to connect with my local friends through restrictions, I eventually resumed working on my stone carving. I reached out to stone carver Silvio Apponyi to see his workshop and hear about his career pathway. He gave me some resources and a block of limestone. 
Once given this block of sandstorm I had a chance to create a meaningful physical reminder of this life changing experience. I wished to encapture this sense of joy and excitement of creation, presenting almost as a childlike raw emotion. A balloon dog to a child shares this same elicited response, becoming the perfect form to sculpt from the stone.
By preserving the original block on the rear of the carving it accentuates the weightless quality to the balloon aspect of the form. The weathered surface provides a great contrast to the carved form, giving the attention to detail in the carving further merit.

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