Below I have included an artwork I made for a course; Gender, Sexuality and Representation. If you would like to view the research and my writings from the course, which continue to inform my practice, the link is here.
Web Readings
Interesting read showing a variety of industry leaders The most striking difference is the surface textures on these works. My preference being the sleeker artworks, the sporadic glazes only seeming as experiments and not something that will age well.
An article about a queer performance space in San Fran and is illicitiong questions about why I pursue this topic so fiercely. A space where a community gets to find their voice in spaces shared with a demographic of shared experiences sounds comforting. Why do I feel this way in my own community in either school, artistic and circus circles where many do contain queer people. Is it that they still have inherently cissexism codes expressed subconsciously?
A thorough guide to glazes and other neat tricks within ceramics. It was made as a guide for the residences of this New York ceramics institution and has since given me inspiration to look at international residencies. See Future Endeavours

Often as lecturers are walking past or when I have a tutorial with them, they will mention an artist this is a place for those mentions where I can have an index of what they were and how I can inform my work from them.
Robert Gober
I think that there is lots of potential to draw from Gober and the associated writings of his work. As many works of his are from casts, contain pipes or are on the subject of identity these are key  points upon my own work.
Alex Martinis Roe
I was referred to Alex's work due to the feminist nature and how she has created her works upon bettering society.
Jason Sims
A long admired artist who creates with glass was a demonstration of what you make at uni does not have to lend itself to the works that you ultimately create post uni. A good example of how an artist can create effective public art and create exhibition works that are also effective in their own right.
Eleanor Antin
This artist work draws from a classical error of creation in a modern setting. Though the work that got my attention the most was the sketches below of her four uncles.
Print Readings
Note: I have not reflected upon these resources with further writing as it is not the way that I function best, I find that I do incorporate the theories and lenses that they provide but I like to ponder over them and let them stew to relate them with my own practice. I have included these here as a selection as almost a curated gallery of writings.
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