Sam Matthewman is an emerging mixed media artist, with a predominant interest in ceramics. His creative career was initially informed by Co-performing/Producing/Directing within the circus company Vertical Insanity Circus. This evolution from circus into a contemporary art sector has provided Sam with a unique tactile physicality to his work, where his circus experience informs his artworks and vice versa with his upcoming circus works. 

“I’m drawn towards contrasts that exist in the materials that I work with. The material is always the most critical element to any artwork and it will always impose certain limitations. This factor is what migrated my journey into art and it continues to have the biggest impact in my work.” 
                                                                                                                          Samuel Matthewman
Whilst currently completing a Bachelor of Contemporary Art at UniSA, his studies have taken him across three tertiary institutions, to learn glaze development, from TafeSA, and both wall mural creation and stone carving at UPV(Universitat Politècnica de València) in Spain. He is due to complete his undergraduate in July 2021.
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