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Cover Image of both performers interlocked by the neck, one on-top of the other.

Aerial view of ceramic elbows tessellated together with rope emerging from some hanging above others.

“An Artist & An Acrobat is show for everyone, and in between the balancing acts and feats of strength there were
moments of reflection.”

Josh van’t Padje – Upside Adelaide

“Artist | Acrobat”(formerly known as An Artist & An Acrobat) is a captivating multidisciplinary art performance that seamlessly blends the ceramic sculptures of Sam Matthewman, a talented artist and performer, with the mesmerizing juggling and circus skills of Emily Loe.

This groundbreaking show dares the audience to question the hierarchical divisions between circus performances and gallery spaces. Drawing inspiration from the historical connection between ceramics and circus arts in Ancient Greece, this unique fusion challenges conventional boundaries and invites viewers to explore the harmonious synergy of two distinct art forms.

Prepare to be enthralled as the past and present collide in a visually stunning and thought-provoking experience.


Emily being all cute on stage

Emily Loe

Tumbling and Bounce Juggling

Em is an emerging circus artist specialising in bounce juggling and duo acrobatics, having just graduated in 2021 from the National Institute of Circus Arts. Before migrating to Melbourne to pursue acrobatics, Em boasted a committed and competitive gymnastics career from age seven back at home in NSW. She then represented Australia at the Mia International World Cup in Portugal. Girl knows how to move. 


Sam Matthewman


Sculpture and Glow Poi

Sam Matthewman is a queer visual artist, performer and producer based on Kaurna Land in South Australia. Their creative career was ignited within contemporary circus company Vertical Insanity Circus and circus continues to be a significant aspect of their life and career. Through the use of sculptural and installation art they work predominantly with ceramic and textile materials, known for incorporating cast elbows of fellow acrobats.


Sam, with costume on and on stage, talking with gestured hands.


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