In Ancient Greco-Roman era, wooden pottery wheels were used as podiums for Acrobats, Contortionists, Jugglers and Hand-balancers. These performances were held in higher regard when compared to other feats of what would now be considered “Circus Arts”. The most notable description of this feat being from Xenephon’s Symposium which writes of “a potter’s wheel was brought in for the dancing girl on which she intended performing some feats of jugglery.”

My Project

After discovering this historic collision of both of my passions, ceramics and circus, after having produced “Acrobatic Ceramica”(pictured right). I established a connection with an author of the paper where I first read of this connection. “Performances on (and on) the greek potter’s wheels: an experimental project” The author and professor of Archeology Massimo Vidale, would prove to be ab excellent collaborator in creating a modern recreation of this performance. Using the replica wheel created as part of the paper. This may be the only replica wheel of this style that exists in Europe and potentially the world.


Working alongside Massimo Vidale and through the