Artist | Performer

Sam Matthewman, XO, 2021 (Ceramic Slip Cast Arms & Cotton Cord) – Photo by Michael Haines

Sam Matthewman, Gauge: Our Intertwined Tether(media image), 2022 – Photo by artist

let me introduce myself

I’m Sam Matthewman, multidisciplinary artist playfully bringing circus into gallery spaces and vise versa.

Welcome to my space! No matter where you’re from, I’m glad you’re here to explore my previous work and the ideas I’m currently pursuing. My artistic practice involves working with a variety of materials, such as cotton rope, calico, ceramics, found objects, and film. As a practicing circus performer, I’m passionate about bringing elements of circus into the sometimes sterile environment of gallery spaces. I’m excited to share my vision with you and hope to inspire new perspectives on the intersection of art and performance.

Aerial view of ceramic elbows tessellated together with rope emerging from some hanging above others.

Man-akin Triptych (detail)

Sam Matthewman, Man-akin Triptych, 2021, (ceramic cast arms, cotton rope & fragile tape), UniSA Mid-Year Final Year Presentation – Photo by artist

An Artist & An Acrobat

Winner of Weekly Award for Best Circus – Adelaide Fringe, (March 2023)
The Ukiyo – Gluttony,
Presenter: Sam Matthewman,
Performers: Emily Loe & Sam Matthewman – Photo by Peter Tsimop

Two performers on stage atop separate large white plinths. Sam is in the foreground handstanding, Em behind presenting with adjoining arms.